Why You Should Donate Now

We Have Direct Access To Several Suppliers And Manufacturers Of KN95, N95, and N9501 - similar to CDC recommended N95 NIOSH masks (Respirator Masks GB2626-2006 and Code: 19083-2010); Coverall Gowns; Gloves; And Other Personal Protective Equipment That Can Be Delivered Within 7-10 Days. 100% Of All Donations Will Be Used To Purchase PPE And Send It To Medical Facilities In Need in New York, Massachusetts, New England and DC area.


Meet Lydia from NYC

Meet Lydia, 11 year old girl living in NYC. Both of her parents are doctors who got sick with COVID-19. Lida's father works as a Pediatric Emergency Physician caring for children and young adults and her mother is a Gastroenterologist. As we all know, there is a catastrophic shortage of protective gear in the hospitals and outpatient practices.


What Hospitals Are The Donations Going To?

As of April 16, 2020, we've already donated our over 3000 protective masks to several doctors in NY/NJ, MA, CT and DC area and protected over 750 medical workers. Since New England is particularly hard-hit and we have a local distribution capabilities, our current focus is hospitals in New York City, Massachusetts and DC area. However, as the situation changes, we hope to adjust mask donations to locations where they're most needed. Our team is already working diligently to identify the next viral hotspots, anticipate their needs, and make connections with hospital personnel to arrange donations safely.

Respirator Masks KN95/N95/N9501
  • Goal: 100,000 masks
  • Avg supplier cost: $2.30 - $4.90 USD (depending on the location and mask brand)
Coverall Disposable Protective Clothing
  • Goal: 10,000 gowns
  • Avg supplier cost: $15 USD
Splash-proof Protective Face Shield
  • Goal: 5,000 shields
  • Avg supplier cost: $2.85 USD

Right now, our goal is to deliver 100,000 masks, 10,000 gowns, and 5,000 shields directly to hospitals in New England. But we're confident that you'll help us CRUSH this goal, so we can expand direct PPE shipments to more hospitals around the country as the situation changes.

Right now, it's up to all of us to protect our health care workers and each other the fight against COVID-19. Please help us help hospitals and make a donation of critical Personal Protective Equipment to doctors and nurses today. You never know when you will need them tomorrow.


Donate Now

Donations under $200
Tax Deductible Donations over $200

You can also send your donations by PayPal to: cojeco@masksfordoctors.org (as a personal transfer to avoid fees).

In addition to your donation we are looking for volunteers who would like to join us in bringing masks to hospitals as we receive them from our overseas suppliers. We would also appreciate you sharing this link with your friends to maximize the order size: the more funds we raise, the cheaper we can purchase next set of masks.